Traditional homemade country style pies

Spinach Pie

Spinach & Feta cheese Pie
Cheese Pie



Leek & Feta cheese Pie
Leek Pie
Squash Pie
Ham & Cheese Pie
Milk Pie
Crème Pie (Bougatsa)




Ideal for everyday’s and all day’s meals!
“Trikalini Paradosi” is not only famous for its authentic country style pies that make tradition popular in our days again, but also for the great variety of flavours that are the best choice for everyday’s and all day’s meals, from the breakfast till dinner! They are ideal for giving you energy in the morning, for the children’ food at school, for parties and buffets, for every moment and every occasion, as they get baked in the most easy and fast way you’ ever imagined!

Salty and Sweet pies
All the homemade pies of “Trikalini Paradosi” are filled with the purest and local raw materials, such as milk and cheese, spinach and leek, sausages and vegetables, reviving the recipes of the past and making new again the unique taste of traditional Greecet! Salty like spinach and spinach & cheese pie or sweet, like the delicious pie with crème (mpougatsa) or the marevellous pie with milk that is the best desert you’ ve ever tasted, the traditional pies of “Trikalini Paradosi” will excite you with their top quality and incomparable taste! Into their specialized packaging, they travel to all over Greece and now worldwide and they can become, extremely fast and easily, yours favorite tasty choice too!