All the people of "Trikalini Paradosi", motivated by their love and respect for Greece and its tradition, for mother's and grandmother's delicacies, created at the begining a small industry that quickly evolved into a super modern and high expertised food company that became famous for its homemade Greek and country style pies! During all these years, our motto was and still is Quality, Safety and Incomparable taste! Just like home!


“Trikalini Paradosi” (Tradition of Trikala), a food company producing homemade Greek traditional dough products is situated at brand new and ultra - modern facilities, certified to international standards, ensuring the highest hygiene and safety conditions.

A brand new, modern and safe environment
The dream that founders of “Trikalini Paradosi” had and their love for delicious and good for our daily nutritional program food, inspired by local recipes and the tradition of Greece, quickly gave its place, thanks to the remarkable success that the company met and keeps enjoying, to a big and important investment that led to the construction of new, privately – owned, ultra – modern facilities, which now include both the administration center of the company and its production facilities.

The art of making pie…
The qualified and experienced stuff of the company follows step by step the mother’s recipes and makes the famous pies and mini pies of “Trikalini Paradosi” under excellent conditions, “armed” with pure love and real know – how. The purest raw materials, all fresh and locally produced fill the famous fillo pastry which is completely and everyday from the beginning handmade and the result is a crispy, homemade, authentic Greek pie that you will only enjoy at a typical Greek home! The smell and taste are totally home feeling and the whole process is a real experience that you should not miss!

Come and visit “Trikalini Paradosi”
The unit and the whole production process is open for all of you specific days and hours, after appointment. The people of “Trikalini Paradosi” will be glad to guide you to the facilities and show to you how its pies and mini pies, this Greece’s novelty are manufactured every day! Just a few kilometers outside the city of Trikala, which is only half an hour away from Meteora, in the middle of Greece’s nature and at the heart of its pure countryside, visitors will find our unit and have the chance to see by themselves all the reasons that made “Trikalini Paradosi” a real tasty paradise!

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