Defrosting instructions

All the pies and mini pies of “Trikalini Paradosi” get frozen as soon as they are manufactured, keeping, in that way, all their purest ingredients totally fresh! Keep them in freezer at -18°C until best before date that you’ll find on the packaging. Please, keep in mind that once the pies are thawed, do not refreeze them.



The mini pies of “Trikalini Paradosi” can be your delicious pleasure every time of day and everywhere you are! Ideal for your children’ school snack, for a lunch break at office, for the excursion, for the parties, these mini pies are the best and easiest tasty solution for your home or business needs. Filled with cheese or sausages, vegetables, greens and chicken too, all this range of their raw materials and their combination too make the mini pies of “Trikalini Paradosi” an authentic traditional tasty food that can’t resist to!

The wide tasty range of mini pies

  • Mini ham & cheese pie
  • Mini chicken pie
  • Mini sausage pie
  • Mini crème pie
  • Mini potato pie
  • Mini ham & pepper pie
  • Mini leek & feta cheese pie
  • Mini leek pie
  • Mini rice pie
  • Mini spinach & feta cheese pie
  • Mini spinach pie
  • Mini cheese pie


Made & Packaged by “Trikalini Paradosi”
Karra E. – Patouliotis P. Co
Megalohori, Trikala town | Thessaly, Greece