The History Behind

“Trikalini Paradosi” was created by her founders’ love for traditional, homemade Greek pies, the food of their childhood that has raised a lot of generations till our days and combines simplicity, quality and incomparable home relish!

The founders’ inspiration was their mother, a great classic Greek mother. It is a woman that has made for years these pies for her own family, her children that now have become the head of the company, a woman that has shared her own art of cooking with everyone at Greece, from the islands to the mountains and now with all of you, all over the world, creating the famous pies of “Trikalini Paradosi” that its clients love for the business success and its consumers adore for the marvelous taste that they offer!

The Company

“Trikalini Paradosi” (The Tradition of Trikala) is a family industry that has been expanding constantly and continuously till 2005 when it was founded, thanks to the incomparable taste and top quality of the handmade, frozen dough products it produces! Situated at the centre of Greece, at the countryside of Thessaly, where land offers generously its products, “Trikalini Paradosi” is established at newly manufactured and ultra – modern facilities and has become, through the years, thanks to the success and recognition that it proudly enjoys, a top brand at its field.

The industry collaborates with businesses in all over the Greece, growing up everyday its network of distributors and dealers and today expands its activities at the field of exports. Locally speaking, the industry adresses to individuals too, clients who make their own orders from the wide range of dough products that “Trikalini Paradosi” produces everyday, introducing to their friends and families the unique world of “Trikalini Paradosi”…

The Traditional way of cooking – The excellent hygiene & safety conditions

At “Trikalini Paradosi” we put quality first, and that’s the secret of our success. Quality at raw materials, expertise at fillo pastry, precision and severity during production progress, refrigerating process and distributing chain, in order to get, when our products are finally ready to get baked at your kitchen, the most delicious and top quality pies you have ever tasted!

First of all, raw materials are chosen by our expert and qualified stuff in order to compliance to our strict quality standards and then are tested and evaluated again and again in order to achieve the excellent specifications that we have set. Raw materials  come exclusively from our own farmland and from local farmers and breeders, so we are very proud to make Greek products and especially our hometown products familiar and famous through all over the world, as we make true the famous concept: “ Directly from production to consumption”! Our specialty too is the famous fillo pastry which becomes, when baked, perfectly and ideally crispy. It is a traditional fillo pastry, thick and filling and the secret of its success is that it is entirely and everyday handmade, reminding the traditional way of making it and consisting, thanks to this process, the live reviving of old good times of Greece’s tradition! As refrigeration process follows under ideal and excellent conditions, tradition gives its place to technology and our products get frozen immediately and stored safely till their transfer, according to all the international requirements and that’ s why each pie of “Trikalini Paradosi” keeps totally fresh all its purest ingredients!