Squash Pie (Kolokithopita)

Greek pies

Traditional country style squash pie

All the frozen, country style pies of “Trikalini Paradosi” come in two shapes, round and rectangular and can be of eight large or many smaller pieces, depending on how we carve the fyllo pastry, being absolutely flexible and satisfying all our customers’ choices.

Pies and mini pies of “Trikalini Paradosi” are packed and kept in our ultra – modern unit under ideal and excellent conditions, certified to the highest standards and are delivered frozen.

Defrosting instructions

All the pies and mini pies of “Trikalini Paradosi” get frozen as soon as they are manufactured, keeping, in that way, all their purest ingredients totally fresh! Keep them in freezer at -18°C until best before date that you’ll find on the packaging. Please, keep in mind that once the pies are thawed, do not refreeze them.